Future Travel

This blog is a behind the scenes look at us as we prepare for and go on a few adventures.

We will be videoing the adventures and the finished videos will be available on YouTube or iTunes or Amazon as downloadable guides or travel adventures.

This year we are going to:

  • Thailand and Laos in April – done
  • Lo Mantang, Nepal for the Tiji Festival in May – done
  • Hinchinbrook Island (4 day walk), Queensland, Australia in July – done
  • Lucca, Italy in September (and I am here now)
  • Plus whatever we can fit in between!

We have been working on a guide to Luang Prabang, Laos for a year or so. Hopefully it will be on sale soon.

Go to YouTube/Robertson Guides for videos on Luang Prabang and a bit more.



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